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Final draft

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by my website.  This is version number five or so in a series of attempts at creating a site where I can share my art– and it’s creation is all thanks to my sweet husband!

You’ll probably notice that my work is very eclectic- the reason is that I work almost exclusively by commission.  My desire is to create meaningful art for individuals to enjoy in their homes.  Much of the work on this site was made for friends and family, or is hanging in my own house.   So let me know if you see anything you like, because I would love to paint something for you and I can do any size- the more affordable 4” by 4” (starting around $50) and on up to whatever size you can imagine.

Please take a look at the nine galleries.

Over the past few years I’ve done quite a bit of work that reflects the character of a place.  The physical scenes that surround us day to day are full of memories and are integral to who we are as people.  Right now I am doing a lot of “botanical profiles“–a series of small ink/oil images which are meant to reflect the variety of plants in a yard or given area.  The ones in the gallery are from my yard here in Memphis.  Awhile back I did a series of homes where I have lived from childhood until present–a great thing to have hanging in our house to remind us of where we’ve been.  (Christmas gift for next year?) Check out the review of this series.  Another example of this is a more recent painting of a Memphis cityscape  that I sold at an auction for Advance Memphis.

Thanks again for taking the time to see my work.  I would love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas!